Imogen Thomas.

I’m developing a bit of a taste for posting on the Daily Mail website. Not obsessively or anything, just one comment a day. It’s fun to follow it and see how it’s doing for upvotes and downvotes.

Yesterdays comment about the controversy surrounding the Chelsea versus Tottenham Hotspur game fluctuated between -29 and +18 before finally settling at around +4.

I wonder how today’s comment on Imogen Thomas’s proclivity towards bending over in sheer leggings will fare. Exciting.

I’m for it by the way. Organics may wish to take note; aesthetically pleasing view up ahead.

Update: This comment may have been the second worst rated out of all 180 on the story, but today’s is in the top rated!

It’s good to know that my opinion on the James Bond Heineken deal is more popular than my opinion of Imogen Thomas’s arse. Although i think both were well-informed and perfectly valid.